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  Abdo (6yRxwtAEyb, dMz44cQwty1v)
   21/01/2015 um 06:34
ahahouha gia ola ftene oi evraioi.e oxi kai i alli appsoi gia ta gegonota stin alvania. I sugkekrimeni arthografia kai skepsi eksigei ola ta fenomena tou kosmou.kala krasia
  Kazu (URR6e9Sit, biDmmeGSI8Y)
   20/01/2015 um 00:12
Just moved into town (Farmington) a few weeks ago, and saw you guys today in Fairport. WOW! I had a blast. You guys were great; Crisp, clean, great sound, great vocals, and fatnastic guitar. I'm a fan. Thanks for puting on such a great show for such a noble cause! Good Luck, and I hope to see you guys perform again real soon. Fan-f^#*&#g-tastic!!
  Isabel (86jPwI62qOhw, 1VBZJOLu2P0)
   19/01/2015 um 23:58
These pieces really set a standard in the inrdstuy.
  Iverson (WQ4cBRkqW, MJ9oIwXtSOK)
   19/01/2015 um 23:04
I am totally wowed and preaerpd to take the next step now.
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   29/12/2014 um 03:10
Each bestow very extraordinary performances, especially Gaffer who steals some scenes from Wahlberg with colorful monologues
  Alban (9X8NH3XxSrmJ, qXerVi4Z)
   27/12/2014 um 09:22
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  Jayan (Yp9XUxLEel, e8LHUwUEO3M2)
   14/12/2014 um 17:13
Filanly! This is just what I was looking for.
  Lena (KL60Ty4V, ZH1736jb)
   13/12/2014 um 19:26
This is what we need - an insight to make evyrnoee think
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